Toot Toot (LInksmu Kaeledu)

Dirty, dirty, dirty little fella with limited verbal capabilities. Swift of action and short of thought.


Linksmu was abandoned as a child, in the wilderness by his father. Luckily he was found by an elder druid before any harm would befall him. Taking the child as his own, the old druid known only as “Treestump” soon found not only a son, but an apprentice of no small skill. The child was raised without spoken word by the druid, so head to learn spoken language later in life. This means that conversations with the druid known as Toot-Toot can be daunting at best. He is rarely found without his Ankylosaurus companion, Thunk. Thunk is still fairly young for his species, so is only about the size of a pony at this time. Much of Toot’s time is spent caring for the woodlands surrounding Sandpoint, and he has an extensive treehouse somewhere deep in the forest, with a comfortable cave for Thunk.

In visits to town for trade, or just for change of pace, Toot is found to be exceedingly dirty, his hair in unmanageable dreadlocks with no end of parasites present on his person. Inside might be another story, but outside he has lice, fleas, likely a few ticks (which he has named) and whatever else might be not-so-common in civilized society. Toot considers himself his own ecosystem for these critters and wouldn’t know what to do without them. While he IS quite filthy, he commonly smells of flowers, or baked bread. At the worst he smells like new mown hay.

Toot is small,even by Halfling standards, topping the charts at 2’11". Weighing only 32 pounds, he also finds safe places to be during windstorms. He has currently found a purpose, joining an adventuring band in the task or ridding their forest of goblins. Or at least paring the goblins back a bit. Not to tip the scales but more to even them out. Toot has decided to do this, more for the fun of it than anything else. Also he has a new friend, Ozgur. Who may or may not be a grouch.


Being born to the Kaeledu House of Halflings in Sandpoint, Linksmu was the 7th son in a house with 10 kids. His mother, Irena, and his father Jonas were at their wits end with their last child. Raising that many children was simply too much of a burden for the lower-class family, even with the help of their neighbors. Jonas, growing a love of gold over the years that just recently topped the love of his family, hatched a scheme. When Linksmu was 2 years old, Jonas offered to take him along to work. Jonas never arrived at work that day.
Jonas took the toddler deep into the forest, keeping on the alert for goblins the whole time. When he thought he was far enough away from town, Jonas simply left Linksmu with a small sack of bread and cheese. Returning home, distraught, Jonas wove a tale of how as they passed through the market, Linksmu simply dissappeared. Jonas looked everywhere. The entire community searched for days, looking for the lost child. Not a shred of evidence was ever found.
Linksmu was found, fairly quickly, by an elder druid who lived in surrounding areas. The old man was passing through when he heard the cries of the wandering child, and investigated. The old druid could hardly have left the child to fend for itself, so he took LInksmu in.

The old man quickly found Linksmu to be an amazing student, but the druid had his own plans as well. He wanted to see if he could raise the child without even a shred of “society” in his upbringing. Therefore, the druid never used words with Linksmu until the boy was in his teens, learning the druidic art. Linksmu’s name was even reduced to a short, double whistle. Toot-Toot is far more comfortable with animals now than he is with people but retains his halfling fearlessness. The big people are simply a great way to see and experience new things. Toot HAS learned some common and retains some of his halfling language,but the only language he completely understands is the Druidic language.

Now Toot is on his own, as the sole druid of the forests surrounding Sandpoint. He is doing his best to keep the goblins back, but they’ve been QUITE active lately, so Toot has gone to town looking for supplies…

Toot Toot (LInksmu Kaeledu)

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