• Arnridha (Arnie) Swiftfist

    Arnridha (Arnie) Swiftfist

    Arnie is a medium sized young dwarf of 51 years. He has medium length red hair and a red haired bearded which he wishes were longer but is pleased with it.
  • Brim Runa

    Brim Runa

    Varisian Bard with an enchanting voice, but something dark resides behind her eyes...
  • Colnoc Ferngrey

    Colnoc Ferngrey

    Grey haired young halfling, nervous fellow. seems ready to run for cover at a moments notice
  • Leslie Gladwin

    Leslie Gladwin

    Huge Half-Orc
  • Nalemor


    With white hair and skin with blue eyes, Nalemor is a 6'3'' slightly scrawny but very fit elf.
  • Rhynnian


    Female half-elf, 22, 5'8", black hair and green eyes.
  • Toot Toot (LInksmu Kaeledu)

    Toot Toot (LInksmu Kaeledu)

    Dirty, dirty, dirty little fella with limited verbal capabilities. Swift of action and short of thought.