Heroes of Varisia

Catacombs of Wrath

Our group travel down under the Glassworks to a ruin temple of Lamashtu and other areas dedicated to a runelord of the past. A Quasit tried defending her domain against the group of heroes but finally told them that the person they where looking for was with the Thistletop goblin tribe. They leave the Quasits domain and prepare to head to the goblins and who is controling them.

1/5/13 Glass and goblins

Our group of heroes enjoy the spoils after the goblin raid and the town is very thankfull. Soon though they begin to find clues to why the goblins might of attacked.
After looking into a lead at the towns Bone Yard the team find out that the owner of the Rusty Dragon is missing and head to the Glassworks to track her down. There the group engage a band of goblins led by Ameiko’s brother who has just killed their father and some of the working. The fight is brutal and many of the groups members fall to Tsuto’s blade but in the end the evil is defeated.
The group decide to rest before entering a undergound tunnel that is found in the basement of the Glassworks.

12/22/12 The Gathering

An older man named Sabastian gathered a group of adventurers in the town of Sandpoint to offer each of them a chance to make a impact on the world for the cause of good. The meeting is during the Swallowtail festival and lots of fun are had by all the characters. At the end of the second day goblins attack but are fought off by the town with the groups help.

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